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With the number of global warehouses in operation set to hit 180,000 by 2025, the need for efficient ways of working in warehouse environments has never been more important.

But businesses everywhere are losing thousands due to ineffective, outdated or simply unsuitable warehouse strategies, driving productivity down and pushing costs through the roof.

But with a Multirail™ Overhead Runway System, busy warehouse environments can make full use of their available space while also creating a more streamlined, time-effective and pleasant working environment, skyrocketing productivity and contributing to overall business growth.

See what our customers have said about the Multirail™ Overhead Runway System in our Case Studies below.

What is the Multirail™ Overhead Runway System?

The Multirail™ Overhead Runway System is a production line runway solution, allowing for the movement of production items from one location to another within a warehouse space with complete ease.

Relieving the need for manual labourers to struggle to transport materials between stages of production, with the Multirail™ Overhead Runway System items can be seamlessly guided between stations as needed, saving time and energy and raising production efficiency instantly.

Comprised of a series of highly durable and long-lasting tracks, hangers, junctions, and hooks, heavy or difficult-to-manoeuvre workpieces are easily attached to the ceiling-mounted system that also makes use of available ceiling space. This prevents the need for cumbersome, ground-based transport options that get in the way and slow production or transport processes.

Fully expandable as needed and configurable in virtually any angle or direction, the Multirail™ Overhead Runway System is deployable no matter how awkward or in-depth your production processes may be.

Better still, the Multirail™ Overhead Runway System is also available in an automatic configuration, automating the movement of items, and saving businesses even more time and effort.

The system can be applied in a plethora of warehouses and setups, including:

  • Spray booths
  • Powder coating ovens
  • Abattoirs
  • Material handling production lines
  • And more

In short, if the movement of production pieces is an essential part of your warehouse setup and you’re still relying on carrying, loading or wheeling them around your premises, the Multirail™ Overhead Runway System could be the difference-maker you’ve been looking for.

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How the Multirail™ Overhead Runway System Will Change Your Operations for the Better

Here are just a few problems that can be solved by installing the Multirail™ Overhead Runway System in your warehouse(s):

Poor Warehouse Layouts

With so many parts moving at once, warehouses need to optimise their layouts and motions to maximise productivity, though this is not always possible if warehouses are still reliant on transporting items by hand.

The Multirail™ Overhead Runway System solves this issue by allowing businesses to direct the movement of materials to a precise degree while freeing up ground space and limiting the need for excessive manual labour, raising productivity and boosting employee morale.

Growth Demand

At the rates businesses can expand, it can become easy for warehouse-based production processes to become overwhelmed as the frequency of products increases.

But because of its innovative design, the Multirail™ Overhead Runway System is easily extendable as necessary, with extra tracks being easy to apply, so you’ll never be slowed down by your own success.

Installation Times

Onboarding a new system of any kind within a warehouse can cost a company time due to installation.

The Multirail™ Overhead Runway System is quick and easy to install in a range of configurations by our Runners experts, saving you time and helping you stay productive for longer.


Warehouse staff may be set in their ways, which can make it difficult to adapt to new ways of working, especially if the new ways are more complicated than necessary.

But the Multirail™ Overhead Runway System is easy to use and even easier to maintain, helping staff increase their work efforts without uncertainty and without expending too much energy.

Space Efficiency

Most warehouses can utilise 80-90% of their available space, which sounds impressive at first glance. However, many of these warehouses fail to consider ceiling space as a viable option.

Because it is ceiling-mounted, the Multirail™ Overhead Runway System makes use of all this available space and removes the need for more ground-based transport options which can cause safety concerns.

Complex Systems

Depending on the warehouse setup and the products in question, many businesses require complex internal transportation systems to move objects from A to B.

Luckily, the Multirail™ Overhead Runway System can be configured in many different ways to meet the needs of the modern business. Speak to a Runners representative to learn more.

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