Slide And Stack Doors - Multi-Directional System

An innovative yet simple partition solution, the slide and stack door system has been developed over many years and is based on client feedback from the office fit-out, construction, and designers.

A multi-direction slide and stack doors system allows panels to be stored neatly away from the opening and easily be brought out again as and when necessary, for a versatile and convenient partition experience. This makes them an incredible space saver and an appealing alternative to installing traditional walls and doors.

Ideal for office partitions, internal room dividers, conference centres, hotels & more, the applications for a slide and stack door system are virtually endless.

The Slide & Stack partition door system can be tailored to your exact requirements, making it an ideal choice for premises with awkward setups and dimensions. It can be used with partitions made from many materials such as wood and aluminium, with doors or panels weighing up to 150kg.

The Slide & Stack product parts are listed below. Contact our in-house technical team for further advice, information and a quotation.


For more information, check out Issue 2 of our
On-Furniture and Interior Sliding System catalogue.

  • Slide & stack

    Slide & Stack Double Roller

    _sku iconSKU 141007
    £38.29 ex VAT
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  • 3m-Top-Track

    Slide & Stack 3m Top Track – SAA

    _sku iconSKU 141005
    £275.77 ex VAT
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  • Slide-Stack-Left-L-Junction

    Slide & Stack Left L Junction

    _sku iconSKU 141009
    £81.78 ex VAT
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  • Slide & Stack Right L Junction

    Slide & Stack Right L Junction

    _sku iconSKU 141011
    £81.78 ex VAT
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a slide and stack doors system and traditional doors?

Technically, slide and stack doors aren’t doors at all - they’re closer to partitions that can be used to split spaces in professional areas, such as offices, hotels and more. However, slide and stack door systems offer a handy and far cheaper solution than installing new walls and doors, while still offering a good degree of privacy.

If you’re looking to install slide and stack door systems for your clients, or at your venue, speak to the Runners team today who can assist you.

Can you use any doors with a slide and stack doors system?

No, you need to use doors that are specifically made to work with the slide and stack doors system.

At Runners, we do not provide doors for any of our systems. However, we can tell you that for this specific system, you can use doors made of numerous materials including wood and aluminium, for a truly versatile partition experience.

Also, the doors must not exceed 150kg if the system is to perform to its best. Get in touch with Runners today if you would like some advice on whether the slide and stack door system will work best for your project.

Can Runners offer advice on installing a slide and stack doors system?

Of course. If you’ve been looking for a good partition solution for your current setup, or if you’ve been charged with installing a sliding partition system for your client, the slide and stack door system would be an ideal choice. While the system is easy to install for those with some experience, it doesn’t hurt to get some advice before you begin.

The Runners team is here to help you complete your project to meet your expectations - so get in touch today if you need a helping hand.