Slide And Stack Doors - Multi-Directional System

Slide And Stack Doors - Multi-Directional System

This range of hardware and components for slide and stack doors has been developed over many years and based on client feed back from the office fit-out, construction, and designers.

A multi direction slide and stack doors system allowing panels to be stored neatly away from the opening.

Ideal for office partitions, internal room divides, conference centres, hotels & more.

Slide & Stack can be tailored to your exact requirements and be used with many materials such as wood and aluminium doors/panels weighing up to 150kg.

Contact our in house technical team for further advice, information and a quotation.

The Slide & Stack products parts are listed below.


For more information, check out Issue 2 of our
On-Furniture and Interior Sliding System catalogue.

  • Slide & stack

    Slide & Stack Double Roller

    _sku iconSKU 141007
    £38.29 ex VAT
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  • 3m-Top-Track

    Slide & Stack 3m Top Track – SAA

    _sku iconSKU 141005
    £275.77 ex VAT
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  • Slide-Stack-Left-L-Junction

    Slide & Stack Left L Junction

    _sku iconSKU 141009
    £81.78 ex VAT
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  • Slide & Stack Right L Junction

    Slide & Stack Right L Junction

    _sku iconSKU 141011
    £81.78 ex VAT
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