Sliding Door Hardware For Warehouses And Aircraft Hangars

Sliding Door Hardware

The Series 2000 sliding door hardware is one of the most rugged on the market with the ability to take a door weight of upto 2 tonnes with robust galvanised tracks and components available to suit large external doors on hangars, warehouses, or barns. Utilise either complete door hardware kits or individual joiners, hanging hooks, fittings, and brackets.
  • Series 75 St/St 316 Grade Track Connector

    _sku iconSKU 75-47311
    £19.21 ex VAT
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  • Sliding Door Hardware For Aircraft Hangars

    Series 2000 3m Galvanized Steel Bottom Guide Channel

    _sku iconSKU 2000-5020
    £102.08 ex VAT
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  • Series 2000 50mm Diameter Nylon Bottom Guide Roller, On Flat Steel Plate

    _sku iconSKU 2000-5026
    £19.32 ex VAT
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  • Series 2000 Double Face Fixing Track Support Suited to Adjustable Soffit Fixing Bracket

    _sku iconSKU 2000-47003
    £36.89 ex VAT
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