The benefits of bifold door systems

Homeowners everywhere are seeking creative and affordable ways to make their properties look and feel more attractive, improve their overall aesthetic and make their living space somewhere they’re truly proud to show off.

But beyond making major structural changes, which cost time and money, these people often struggle to find the look and feel they want without breaking the bank or needing to wait months, or even years, for a home improvement project to be completed.

Enter external bi-folding door systems; a visual delight that also makes a practical addition, bi-folding doors act as the perfect replacement to outdated, garage-style doors or traditional hinged doors, offering an innovative and appealing way to enter and exit, particularly in more lavish homes with plenty of space to spare.

If you’ve been looking for a way to give your clients services that will undoubtedly blow them away, adding bifold door systems to your repertoire will only strengthen your offerings, while giving you a project to work on that’s both relatively easy to install and not too time-consuming.

At Runners, we’re experts in the world of sliding door systems – including bi-folding door tracks – so if you need the right equipment for any sliding or folding door project, we’re the best people to see. With this in mind, here are just a few reasons why bi-folding door systems are so appealing to your potential clientele.

Internal Bifold Doors

Why bi-folding doors make a great addition to any home

Natural light

Not all bi-folding doors allow for the passage of light and are more solid in design, which works well depending on the desired effect or location. But bi-folding doors that are see-through (usually featuring glass panels) are an excellent way to brighten up any space and allow natural light to flow freely through a room.

Bi-fold doors with glass panels that lead onto a living room space, extension, conservatory or any other room that’s made to impress instantly make it feel bigger to anyone visiting. But this effect is only enhanced as the doors are folded open. But even if the door panels aren’t transparent, the ability to fold the doors open and closed to any desired degree lets the user control how much natural light they’d like to enter a room at will, making them truly versatile.


The constant opening and closing of heavy doors surely puts a strain on the materials holding the system together, which is why there must always be a focus on using strong, durable and long-lasting materials.

Well, that’s exactly what you’ll get when you choose a bi-folding door system from Runners. Take our Tommafold 60 system, for example. Designed to uphold bi-folding doors up to 60kg in weight, the rolling tyres (which allow the doors to move) have been tested up to 100,000 cycles, with the rugged hinges tested up to 200,000 cycles – so you can rest assured you’ll be installing a highly-reliable system for your clients that’s been built with longevity in mind.

Plus, if a system remains in good working order for a long time, this will only enhance your reputation and skillset.

High-end aesthetic

Bi-folding door systems can immediately add a sense of luxury to a home, creating a stark contrast between the bi-folding doors and older, more traditional hinged doors. This works especially well for larger, more eye-catching bi-folding doors that are a real standout.

Plus, for those who aren’t used to seeing doors move in this fashion, seeing doors of this size seamlessly fold in on themselves, rather than swinging outward, can be a very impressive sight, making them ideal for homeowners seeking that elusive ‘Wow factor’. In turn, your clients, their friends and their family will be wowed at the quality of the work you’ll be able to produce for them.


Sometimes, there is no worse eyesore on someone’s home than an old, rusty, garage-style door that is a nightmare to unlock and swings awkwardly outward, taking up far more space than is necessary. This is why so many homeowners are opting to swap out these dated doors with something more elegant – like bi-folding doors.

Not only are bi-folding doors prettier to look at, but they save huge amounts of space, negating the need to take several steps back to open a large garage or patio door properly. By installing bi-folding doors for your clients, they will be able to better utilise this space, perhaps adding to their back garden patio area, or adding design features to the front of their property, depending on where the door is located.

Either way, you’ll be helping them create a far more spacious area, opening up a realm of possibilities while also showing off your abilities as a tradesman.

Bifolding Doors

Explore bifold door systems for your clients at Runners today

At Runners, we’re home to systems for sliding doors and bi-fold door systems you can install for your clients, helping them reinvigorate their homes and other premises with great effect. Whether it’s sliding wardrobe doors, folding door hardware or anything in between, we’re the supplier for you.

Take a look at our selection of bi-folding door systems here. Or get in touch with the Runners team if you need a hand.