Why Are Sliding Doors And Sliding Door Tracks So Appealing To Modern Homeowners?

Sliding Door Gear

For those seeking an alternative to drab, uninspiring traditional or wardrobe doors, sliding doors offer an eye-catching change that is far more than just an aesthetic delight – it’s also a practical choice.

Held firmly in place with sliding door tracks, these doors glide effortlessly from side to side (sometimes disappearing into a wall entirely – known as ‘pocket doors’) to create a stunning and satisfying effect that simply can’t be matched by old doors with hinges. If you’re looking to add a new skill to your repertoire, learning how to install sliding door tracks and sliding doors could open up a world of opportunities and new clients for you to please.

But what are sliding door tracks? How are they so effective in moving sliding doors consistently? And where can you find the best sliding door tracks for your project?

What are sliding door tracks?

Sliding door tracks can come in various forms. But, on the whole, they’re metal tracks – usually aluminium or similar – onto which rollers can be attached to allow sliding doors to move gracefully and easily from left to right, instead of forwards and backwards for easy opening and closing.

There are many different sliding door track kits, so be sure to take a look at them all on the Runners website to find the right sliding door kit for your specific sliding door. And if you have any questions, you can reach out to the Runners team for more info – we’d be happy to help you make a decision.

Why do so many people appreciate sliding doors and sliding door tracks?

They’re elegant and save space

One of the many reasons sliding doors are becoming a constant feature in updated, more modern homes is that they create a far more elegant effect than doors you may be used to. Traditional hinged doors swing outward, which may not be such a bad thing at first glance, but they’re nowhere near as attractive to look at, nor are they as practical.

Whereas sliding door tracks allow sliding doors to remain virtually flat against a surface, without the need to take up space in any room in which they’re installed. Plus, by opting for sliding doors rather than traditional doors, homeowners can take advantage of excess wall space on either side of the door, if the space is available. 

The effect of the door seemingly hovering unaided against a wall – instead of opening outward – is a real visual treat and is sure to impress anyone who visits.

They’re smooth-running

Compared to traditional doors, sliding doors and sliding door tracks offer what could be a much smoother door-opening experience, depending on the traditional doors in question.

Many heavier, more invasive traditional doors often suffer from stiff or creaking hinges or drag along the carpet causing resistance – neither of which are pleasant and can take away from the overall appeal of the space.

But sliding door tracks don’t suffer from either of these issues. Because the sliding door is held in place with the sturdy yet smooth-running tracks, there is no creaking to speak of, and the sliding door won’t drag along the carpet as they’re often hoisted to an appropriate height during installation without leaving too much of a gap at the bottom where air can creep in.

They’re easy to install

While they may appear to be a very impressive technological feat – sliding doors and sliding door tracks are surprisingly easy to install once you know how. This is just one of the reasons many working tradesmen are adding sliding door installations to their list of services – they’re not overly time-consuming and give the appearance of something that requires great in-depth knowledge and skill to set up.

If you’re looking to add sliding door installation to your services for your clients, take a look at all the available products you could use at Runners, or speak to a member of the team if you would like to know more.

They’re long-lasting

While traditional door hinges have a tendency to loosen and falter over time, sliding door tracks are designed to be as reliable and long-lasting as possible with minimal upkeep required.

Often crafted from top-quality aluminium for exceptional durability and low weight, these tracks are designed to uphold the weight of their respective sliding doors whilst also offering as smooth of a sliding door experience as possible.

They’re also often tested to several hundred runs, meaning the sliding door track kit you buy will be infinitely reliable right out of the box.

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