DuraFold And TommaFold And How They Differ

Popular for a range of internal folding door kits and firm favourites with fitters, our TommaFold and DuraFold branded folding door tracks typify the features of practical innovation and good value that have become our hallmarks.

Interior Folding Door Set

The principal differences between these 2 folding door systems lie in the fact that DuraFold is for ‘on-furniture’ applications like wardrobe, cabinet, or cupboard doors, and TommaFold hardware is for use in-between rooms.

TommaFold Technical Data Sheet

A further point is that there are interior and exterior versions of TommaFold bi-folding doors hardware for several different door weights to form impressive and robust patio doors or space-saving internal doors between rooms.

Folding Door Hardware

Patented super rugged hinges and sleek easy-adjusting components mean that TommaFold graces many a set of stunning doors from garages to reception rooms or offices. The system maximises security where it matters and is an elegant statement of timeless style.

Enhancing Furniture With DuraFold

DuraFold is a newer product to our range and its hardware kits enable the use of folding doors in exciting new ways. Install user friendly and space saving furniture and cabinet doors on kitchen, drinks cupboards and wardrobes or fitted furniture. We also supply ‘ConcealX’ which is a pivot door hardware range also aimed at on-furniture uses.

Bifold Doors

At Runners UK and at the wider Lenborough Group Ltd companies, we know in detail the needs of the joinery and construction trades from many years of experience and feedback.

This know-how feeds through into the details – like the range of flushbolts – making the systems easy to install, adjust, and fine tune.

Whatever interior or furniture pivot or folding door hardware you select, you can be sure it is elegant, robust, and will stand the test of time.