FurnFold Bifolding Door Hardware For Cabinets Or Wardrobes

FurnFold Bifolding Door Hardware For Cabinets Or Wardrobes

FurnFold Bifolding Door Hardware For Cabinets Or Wardrobes

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The FurnFold offers an internal bi-fold door kit and track system that excels for cabinets, wardrobe doors, and other pantry, drinks cabinets, or furniture applications for a kit that is as versatile as it is effective.

Whether the bi-folding door kit is used for traditional wardrobes and cupboards, or to create a stunning display cabinet to reveal the contents in a unique way, the FurnFold remains one of our most impressive and popular bi-folding door systems.

The tracks are forged from high-quality aluminium for a durable, reliable bi-folding door system that’s guaranteed to impress time after time, for years to come. Designed to handle doors up to 30kg, this kit is perfect for various sliding timber doors. But if you need something that can withstand heavier doors,

check out the Durafold 50kg system. For a very large wardrobe, you could also use the Tommafold Interior Folding Kit with 60kg door capacity and track lengths up to 6m.

You can fit the tracks however you please – straight to the surface of the cabinet or recessed, giving you multiple options during application. With multiple track lengths to choose from and numerous possible configurations, you’re able to meet the precise needs of your bi-folding door project.

For more information on the FurnFold Bi-folding Door Hardware For Cabinets Or Wardrobes, speak to Runners today.

For a very large wardrobe you could also use the Tommafold Interior Folding Kit with 60kg door capacity and track lengths up to 6m.

Select the Options above to Make Up your Kit:

  • Top Hung Internal Bi-fold Door Kit For Furniture
  • Suited to Interior Applications On Wardrobes, Cupboards And Cabinets
  • Track can be recessed or surface fixed to the cabinet
  • Rollers are fixed to door using kitchen hinges
  • Suitable for Timber Doors
  • Track can be joined by butting track together
  • Smooth rolling, adjustable system
  • Suitable for inlay or overlay doors
  • Max Door Weight: 15kg
  • Door Thickness: 16-30mm
  • Maximum of 2 doors folding each way
  • Max Door Width: 500mm
  • Max Door Height: 2000mm
  • Aluminium top track (grooved or surface fixed) – available in 1.2m lengths
  • Aluminium lower track profile – available in 1.2m lengths
  • 1 x Top hinge roller
  • 1 x Lower guide hinge roller
  • 3 x Butt hinge for connecting doors together
Kit does not Include Doors


For more information, check out Issue 2 of our
On-Furniture and Interior Sliding System catalogue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the weight of the bi-folding doors matter?

Yes - our bi-folding door kits are specifically designed to withstand specific door weights, so they can provide optimum performance and longevity for the user. For example, this bi-folding door kit is built to hold doors of up to 30kg in weight.

If applied using heavier doors, the structural integrity of the system would be at risk and the tracks could become damaged or fail entirely.

However, by using the correct bi-folding door kit for the specific doors in your project, you can expect smooth-running and long-lasting bi-folding doors every time.

Can the FurnFold Bi-folding Door Hardware be used on any cabinet doors?

No, this bi-folding door kit must be used on doors that are designed for sliding. Traditional hinged doors are not built to move in the same way, so cannot be used.

The doors in question must also match the specifications of the bi-folding door kit. In this instance, doors must not be heavier than 30kg in total, thicker than 30mm, wider than 500mm or taller than 2000mm.

Always double-check the weight and size of the doors in your project before making a decision and get in touch with the experts at Runners if you need more advice.

Is the FurnFold Bi-folding Door Kit easy to install?

Absolutely. Even if you only have limited experience in joinery or DIY, the FurnFold Bi-folding Door Kit is simple to install and shouldn’t take up too much time.

Bi-folding door systems from Runners are designed to be as easy to follow as possible, helping you install more doors and complete more projects. If you’re in doubt, refer to the instruction manual or data sheet included in your bi-folding door kit for guidance, or give us a call.

How long will the FurnFold Bi-folding Door kit last?

If treated with care and respect (and installed properly) expect the FurnFold Bi-Folding Door Kit to last several years.

The aluminium tracks are designed to offer a smooth rolling experience as well as exceptional durability to give you maximum return on investment.

What type of glue to use when bonding the glass panel to the sliding system

We recommend speaking to your glass supplier to advise glue specification.