Invisible Door Systems For Smooth Operation Of Concealed Doors

At Runners, we offer a wide range of sliding concealed door gear and invisible door systems that can be used in a variety of different scenarios. Whether talking about industrial overhead runway systems designed specifically for manufacturing plants or sliding door gear for city offices, hotels, or residential premises, we’ve absolutely got you covered.

Concealed Doors


We would like to tell you about the sleek and modern door hardware in our range which is called the invisible door system. Offering a smooth and effortless glide whilst giving the impression that the door is floating on air, it’s one of the most popular items in our range for a number of reasons.

Easy To Install And Completely Adjustable Invisible Door Systems

When you’re looking for smart concealed doors for projects, our invisible door system is the perfect choice in two size options. Simple to install, and entirely adjustable, they can be ordered to seamlessly fill whatever space the project calls for. Speak to a member of the Runners team today if you would like any more information about our concealed door kits, or any other of our products that may assist you in your projects.

Made in Italy and featuring high-quality adjustable runners both at the top and the base of the installation, our invisible door systems are built to be strong, durable and withstand the regular opening and closing doors such as these would experience on a professional premises or in the privacy of someone’s home. Crafted from durable and resilient aluminium that’s resistant to degrading and unexpected bending, the tracks included with our concealed door kits will offer users a seamless and smooth-running invisible door experience for years to come.

These frameless internal doors are particularly well-suited to properties with hardwood floors, for both practical and aesthetic purposes. Hardwood floors offer concealed doors an easy-to-operate environment without fear of catching on thicker, more intrusive carpeting. In the same breath, invisible door systems fit in perfectly with more modern internal decor that often features hardwood floors, making the pair a match made in heaven. 

Our concealed door systems also offer a pleasing soft open and close mechanism, meaning that they can be opened with the minimum of effort and with virtually no sound being created – ideal for creating a relaxed environment or for keeping unwanted noise pollution at bay for the benefit of others. Plus, the soft open and close mechanism adds to the shelf life of the invisible door systems, preventing potential damage should the user accidentally use more force than necessary.

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Its opening function is one that not only looks clean and sophisticated, but also creates more available space in the room. By removing the need to open outwards into a room and taking advantage of available wall space, concealed doors save space that can be better utilised by the user. By laying perfectly parallel to the wall, with virtually no space between the door and the wall itself, sliding door systems are an inventive yet simple way to create a more open and inviting space. Whether it’s a professional setup, a home environment, or something else altogether, everyone can benefit from the space-saving qualities invisible door systems provide.

Please see the introduction video for invisible doors above.

Concealed Door Gear – The Technical Part

Our invisible doors kits and pocket door hardware come with absolutely everything you need, apart from the doors themselves and offer attractive minimalist design with adjustable soft closers.

Suited to timber doors and a range of different interior applications, the roller is fixed to the wall, with the actual sliding track mechanism being affixed to the door. Thanks to the top hung design, the weight of the door is always evenly distributed and the eye is not caught by the distraction of architraves.

When using our concealed door sliding door track systems, the following specifications apply:

● Maximum weight of door – 80kg
● Minimum thickness of door – 40mm
● Maximum width of door – 1150mm
● Door width is equal to door opening width plus 253mm
● Door height is equal to door opening height plus 100mm

Once installed, you get both aesthetics and function that can’t help but impress your clients and deliver results that will look amazing when presented as part of your past work portfolio. It’s just one of the reasons why this particular line of runner system is always in high demand.

Want to Know More About Invisible Door Systems? Check Out Our Website

So, if you’d like to know more about concealed door kits to use on your projects, all you need to do is come and visit us online. You’ll find our entire range of commercial and residential sliding door systems, as well as a selection of blogs just like this one.

Alternatively, should you be in need of any advice or guidance about any of our product lines, we’re here to help with any sliding door hardware needs.

By calling us today on 01280 822288, you’ll get through to our expert team who’ll be more than happy to provide you with the information you’re looking for and assist you in any way they can. We recently published an overview of pocket door systems that can be seen here.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of an invisible sliding door?

Invisible sliding doors are named as such because their innovative sliding system is completely hidden from view, giving the impression the door is gliding effortlessly from side to side. By keeping the track system hidden, you’re helping to keep your home look minimalist and elegant.

But they also have a lot of advantages from a practical standpoint, too. Our hidden sliding door kit helps make your invisible doors roll seamlessly from side to side with very little effort and no awkward creaks or squeaks, for a door that both looks and sounds pleasant.

They’re also super elegant in appearance and can completely transform the way your living space looks in virtually no time at all.

Are invisible sliding door kits durable?

Absolutely. Our invisible sliding door kits are made with ultra-durable materials that are designed to handle the considerable weight of concealed sliding doors, as well as the consistent motion of moving them back and forth multiple times a day. The sliding door bottom runner and top runners are made from aluminium - a highly durable metal that’s also lightweight and easy to handle during installation.

If you’d like to know more about the durability and suitability of invisible sliding doors for your home, office or other setup, get in touch with the team today.

Will a hidden door system save space in my home?

Absolutely. Traditional doors always take up unnecessary space when they’re opened - especially if you’re one of those people who always leave them open! But with a hidden door system, you’ll never have this problem as the doors are affixed flat against the wall, meaning you’ll never be bothered by swinging doors again.

You could even replace multiple doors in your home with concealed doors to save even more space and turn other doors into real statement pieces.