The Personal and Professional Versatility of Sliding Door Kits



The Personal and Professional Versatility of Sliding Door Kits

If you’re a joiner or professional handyman and have noticed an uptake in the number of people requesting your services to install sliding doors and sliding door kits, it’s no coincidence.

The popularity of sliding doors is on the rise thanks to their many benefits and aesthetic qualities. But these benefits aren’t just limited to one setting; both professional establishments and private individuals can enjoy sliding doors in various ways.

If you’ve been wondering whether to grow your services and begin offering sliding door kit installation as part of your services, or if you want to expand away from home installations and look at professional setups, here are just a few advantages of sliding door kits in both scenarios.

Advantages of sliding door kits in the home

In a home environment, sliding doors are popping up more and more frequently. Once regularly spotted in eighteenth-century homes, they’re enjoying a resurgence of sorts thanks to improvements in technology, safety and installation techniques.

Adding sliding doors to rooms in homes – such as living rooms, dining rooms or even bedrooms and bathrooms – can add a touch of elegance that sets them apart when compared to traditional doors that swing outward.

Speaking of traditional doors, it often goes unnoticed just how much space they take up. When swinging outward, traditional doors take up several extra feet of space that could be better used. In contrast, sliding doors rest blissfully against the wall – or in a wall cavity in the case of pocket doors – taking up no space at all. The Glide Adjustable Pocket Door Kit for Bespoke Size Doors, for instance, is perfect to use in smaller houses, apartments or rooms where square footage is in short supply.

Sliding door kits can also be incredibly long-lasting and make a welcome change to standard hinges, which tend to loosen, creak or even drop over time. A sturdy, reinforced sliding door track is often tested up to 100,000 cycles, guaranteeing a reliable sliding door experience for years to come, no matter how much or how little it is used per day.

Advantages of sliding door kits in professional environments

With a sleek and professional look, sliding doors can come in handy in certain workplace environments – like offices – when one needs to divide space between two rooms without closing things off entirely. Sliding door kits can create eye-catching partitions that give offices a much more “open” feel while still offering a degree of privacy when it’s required. Our Slide and Stack doors are an excellent example.

At the other end of the spectrum, alternative professional environments such as large-scale storage units, hangers, warehouses, garages, stables or other impressive structures could benefit from installing sliding hardware for galvanised steel or stainless steel doors. Available in formats to support various door weights – as heavy as 2000kg – these rugged, tough-as-nails make the operation of larger and heavier sliding doors a piece of cake. 

They also add an element of safety and security – while traditional doors used in this capacity could be “kicked-in”, sliding doors would need a more in-depth approach from wannabe thieves who may not be used to dealing with such doors.

Plus, because these tracks are built specifically to handle doors of certain tough materials and impressive weights, they need to be crafted with strength in mind, which adds to their longevity, making them excellent value for money. They’re also built taking into account environmental factors – when used in an external capacity, they need to be able to resist the effects of strong winds, rain, sleet and snow, among other conditions – another element that makes them a worthy investment every time.

Pick up the sliding door kits you need for your projects from Runners 

At Runners, we’re home to a massive array of sliding door tracks, suitable for sliding doors in various applications – including external and internal glass sliding doors, among other impressive choices.

Whether your clients want to install sliding doors at home, at work or any other premises, we’ll have the tools you need to get the job done to the highest degree of quality.

If you’d like to know more about the sliding door gear we offer, or if you have any burning questions, reach out to the Runners team today – our experienced colleagues will be more than happy to assist you and help you make the right decision.