Which Sliding Door System Best Suits My Project?

The 20 Series by Runners UK is a straight and folding sliding doors internal system for lightweight doors in internal and exterior applications. 20 Series is popular for wardrobe doors, internal or warehouse partition walls and has a maximum weight capacity of 90kg per panel, working with timber or metal panels.

Key features

  1. Rollers with Delrin or nylon coated tyres offer quieter running
  2. Very easy to fit.

Sliding Door Hardware

50 Series

Straight and folding sliding door systems for commercial interior and exterior applications, with a weight capacity of 440kg per panel. This system is popular for barn doors, stable doors and also internal applications with an industrial style. Compatible with timber or metal panels.

Key features

  1. Compact top hung track with capacity for over 400kg per panel.
  2. 10 different types of hangers making it compatible with a wide range of applications

70 Series

Straight sliding door system for commercial applications with capacity of up to 600kg per door panel. This system is popular for sliding doors in warehouses, agricultural buildings and stables. Working with metal or timber panels.

Key features

  1. Hard wearing needle bearings
  2. Can be retro fitted into many different popular track profiles

250 Series

A straight sliding door system for heavy commercial interior or exterior applications up to 1000kg. The 250 series kit is popular for sliding doors in hangers, warehousing, and agricultural buildings. Compatible with timber or metal panels.

Sliding Door Hardware For Warehouses And Aircraft Hangars

Key features

  1. Can cope with very high weight loadings
  2. Stainless steel bearings for precise and smooth action
  3. Engineered to last a life time

Runners UK has one of the best collections of door hardware for sliding applications from a drinks cabinet to an aircraft hangar and the popular Tommafold ultra secure exterior folding doors hardware shown in the image below.

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