Sliding Door Gear for Wardrobes

When you have an armful of ironing to put away, getting into your wardrobe without dropping the neatly folded pile of clothes onto the floor can be difficult; fortunately our team here at Runners are here to help. We appreciate how important it is for young and old to gain easy access into their wardrobes which is why we supply a range of sliding door gears, which have been designed specifically for wardrobes; and with the help of our team you’ll find the perfect sliding door gear for your wardrobe.

As a leading supplier of door gears, we’re able to provide gears which are suitable for any doors, from large commercial doors through to small domestic cupboards. Along with supplying a range of sliding door kits for wardrobes, we’re also able to offer honest and impartial advice on the best gears for your needs.

If you’re looking to make the opening and closing of your wardrobe door runners both easier and smoother, we recommend using one of the straight sliding door systems which use a wardrobe sliding door track that is designed to either come together or past each other; and via our website you’ll find a wide variety available within our Mini Series range, including:


•    00-202 bottom profile fibre rail guide which is 2 metres in length
•    00-225 top profile brass plated channel guide, which is 2 metres in length
•    00-232 PVC channel guide, available in white or brown and again comes in a length of two metres.


•    00-113, steel bottom guide which can handle a maximum door weight of 12 kilograms per pair
•    00-112 nylon guide runner, which can handle a maximum door weight of 15 kilograms per pair


•    00-1132 steel bottom roller, which is able to handle up to 35 kilograms per pair
•    00-310 brass plated retractable guide with a 6mm dia brass roller

Along with having a wide selection of wardrobe sliding door gear products, here at Runners our professional, friendly and experienced team can also offer professional and experienced advice to ensure that you get the best product for your wardrobe.