Top 5 applications for Overhead Runway Systems

Customers and industry use our Multirail and Smartspray system overhead conveyor system for a wide variety of applications. The overhead runway systems from Runners improve operational efficiency, offer limitless applications, are simple to install, virtually maintenance free and offer a smooth running and time saving service.

1. Spray painting timber windows

Many joinery workshops save time by hanging wooden windows to spray paint and dry units. Allowing paint work to be completed in less time and cutting out imperfections that occur from drying windows on surfaces. You can see a case study video of a client in this industry at the bottom of the page.

2. Powder coating

Manufacturers are using Multirail or Smartspray to paint and dry metal components saving time and space in the workshop.

3. Moving meat in abattoirs

meat rails for cold rooms Mulitrail has been used by abattoirs to move meat carcasses and store them in a hygienic, space efficient way.

4. Moving fish in Salmon Farming

A salmon farm in Scotland uses Multirail to move and process salmon saving time and simplifying processes.

5. Handling Solar Panels

Multirail has been used to handle and process solar panels, ensuring these valuable panels are protected during the manufacturing process. Call 01280 822288
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