Trade Guide: FAQ’s About Sliding Door Gear

As a tradesman you’ll get asked lots of different questions regarding the various types of sliding door systems available, how they work and what their benefits are; these are all valid points and to help you answer these enquiries we’ve devised this helpful trade guide answering all of those little questions you are faced with.

Is There More Than One Type of Sliding Door?

Yes – there are various styles of sliding door available and they come in a variety of different materials. To answer this question thoroughly, you will need to gauge what the client wants and which products will best accommodate these needs.

How Do The Sliding Doors Work? – Polished Brass

As the name suggests the doors slide along on rollers. This unique feature is what makes them suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial settings. As the doors slide along on the rollers, they usually cover a large space and therefore can open up a room in moments without having any supporting frames to hinder the view or indeed access.

How Does the Quality of Sliding Door Gear Affect the Performance of the Door?

Sliding door gear essentially supports the door and makes the act of opening and closing the door smooth. If you opt for cheap and poor-quality parts then this will show in the performance of the doors you install – as such we at Runners would recommend to anyone installing or repairing sliding doors to use the very best gear available – which coincidentally you can find right here!

What is the Benefit of Choosing a Sliding Door?

There are lots of benefits to sliding doors and while the application and use may be different for commercial, industrial and domestic settings the benefits are transferable.

– Easy to use
– Best use of Space
– Easy access
– Large open space

We hope our FAQ’s have helped and remember, if you need to order high quality parts for fitting or repairing sliding doors make sure you get in touch with us at Runners