On-Furniture Folding and Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Alternative door systems to traditional folding doors for wardrobes, cabinets and other interior furniture can make a world of difference both aesthetically and functionally. Sliding and folding door kits for wardrobes from Runners allow users to turn an ordinary, everyday function into a delight that’s sure to please.

Sliding door kits for wardrobes allow users to access their clothing or other personal belongings with an added touch of class that’s also a handy space saver - no more oversized outward-swinging wardrobe doors taking up too much space.

Or for something a little more inventive, many customers enjoy our bi-folding wardrobe doors, with multiple conjoined panels being used across larger or more display-driven wardrobes and cabinets.

But for clients that demand the most eye-catching and luxurious appeal in their wardrobes, pivot door kits will do just the trick, letting doors seamlessly vanish and reappear at a moment’s notice, for an undeniable visual flair.

Shop the Runners range of folding and sliding wardrobe doors below - and get in touch with the Runners team if you need a hand.

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Do you need a bi-fold sliding wardrobe door track kit? Speak to us or browse the range of wardrobe door sliding door track kits or give us a call on 01280 822288 about your needs.
  • Bifold Door Track

    Tommafold Interior Bifolding Door Track Kit For Max Weight Of 60kg

    dimensions iconMin Door Thickness: 30mm
    weight iconMax Door Weight: 60kg
    _sku iconSKU TFINT
    From:£198.71 ex VAT
    Configure This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
  • Durafold bi-fold door open

    DuraFold Bi-Folding Wardrobe Doors Or Cabinet Doors

    dimensions icon16-30mm Door Thickness
    weight icon50kg Capacity
    _sku iconSKU DF
    From:£129.33 ex VAT
    Configure This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
  • Bi Fold Door Kit For Wardrobes

    FurnFold Bifolding Door Hardware For Cabinets Or Wardrobes

    dimensions icon16-30mm Door Thickness
    weight icon30kg Capacity
    _sku iconSKU FF
    From:£69.74 ex VAT
    Configure This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

Frequently Asked Questions

Are sliding wardrobe door kits easy to install?

Absolutely. Even if you have little to no experience installing sliding wardrobe door kits, and barely any DIY experience whatsoever, the way our kits are built makes them very easy to install with as few parts and minimal effort required. The included tracks make it easy to align the doors you’re working with, for smooth sliding each and every time. But if you need a hand installing sliding wardrobe door kits from Runners, reach out to a member of the Runners team and we’d be more than happy to offer advice.

Do bi-folding wardrobe door kits work with any doors?

No. To install one of our bi-folding wardrobe door kits successfully, you need to ensure you’re working with the correct folding doors. When choosing a kit, ensure the doors you have meet the size, weight and panel numbers of the kit in question before making a purchase. Be sure to read the product description thoroughly and match the provided information with the dimensions and information of the doors you’ll be working with. But if you’re struggling to choose, get in touch with Runners, we’ll be able to help.

What is the difference between pivot wardrobe door kits and sliding wardrobe door kits?

Sliding wardrobe door kits and pivot wardrobe door kits are both attractive and interesting alternatives to traditional hinged doors, albeit they operate slightly differently. While sliding wardrobe door kits allow doors to slide from side to side (as the name suggests) pivot wardrobe door kits are used on wardrobes and doors that are built to allow the doors to ‘pivot’ into a hidden cavity - much like pocket doors - once moved to the side. It’s an extra aesthetic touch that’s caught on in recent years and makes a fine addition to suitable wardrobes and cabinets in living rooms, kitchens, offices and more.

Do I need specific tracks for sliding glass doors?

Yes. Using sliding door tracks that are not suitable for glass doors will surely lead to damage on the part of both the sliding door kit equipment and the glass door itself. If you will be using sliding glass cabinet doors or similar, you should check out our options for glass doors listed above, or contact a Runners representative for more information and advice.