Internal Bifold Doors

Internal bifold doors hardware and systems from Runners UK can provide a neat, chic, and robust folding door option for your house, office, or storage wall and cupboards.

Read on for some common questions around choosing the right kit for internal folding doors.

Internal or External Kit – What is the Difference?

There are two main differences between internal and external folding bi-fold door kits. Firstly internal kits do not have weather seals, it is assumed you have no issue with draughts and rain.  Secondly, internal kits do not include drop bolts as standard – you add these only if you need them. You can use an external door kit internally if you want, but it would not make sense to use an internal kit on an external door.

Internal Bifolding Doors

Do I Need a Bottom Track?

There are times when you do not want a bottom track, for example in the image above, it looks much neater without this. The option varies according to the system chosen – for Tommafold Interior there is a choice, but note that the max door weight is 40kg without a bottom track, and 60kg with the bottom track. In the Wardrobe folding door kits, the Furnfold has an optional bottom track, but the Durafold does not need a bottom track and so does not have this option. These wardrobe rail kits are also used for any kind of cabinet or storage furniture.

Maintaining Internal Folding Doors

With the possibility of carpets and soft furnishings nearby, you will not want a folding door track that must be greased or oiled regularly. Choose a system with smooth running polymer tyres designed for repeated use without lubrication. For example, the Tommafold Interior kit is tested to 100,000 cycles, and like all our internal kits, does not require grease or oil to run smoothly.

Internal Bifold Doors