Internal Bifold Doors

Internal bifold doors hardware and systems from Runners UK can provide a neat, chic, and robust folding door option for your house, office, or storage wall and cupboards.

We supply a collection of well-respected hardware and components for internal bifold doors like the Tommafold folding door kit that can carry door weights of up to 60kg for use in both residential and commercial settings.

Internal Bifolding Doors

Tradesmen trust us to provide internal folding door hardware that will last their clients for many years. In both internal and exterior roles – for example as patio doors – bi-folding doors save on space and allow a full width opening to be achieved.

As well as Tommafold interior kits we supply the elegant and robust DuraFold hardware that is used on wardrobe or cabinet doors. Storage wall or other cabinets or storage cupboards fitted in homes or offices look chic and maximise the available storage when using Durafold.

Many newer houses and refurbished commercial buildings are seeing the advantages, style, and convenience that our folding door hardware brings. An interior – or even a classroom – gets a bright and airy open space that can also be quickly divided when needed.

Internal Bifold Doors