What Are The Key Features Of Great External Sliding Door Hardware?

When faced with this question it is important to look ahead of the initial costs of external sliding door hardware. You need to consider factors like the door space where you plan to install, the structural aspects of any door opening to the overall building’s integrity, door security, and:

Weatherproofing & Draughtproofing

While we should be grateful to live in a ‘green and pleasant land’ and one nearly free of venomous snakes, the fact is that the UK is a wet and windy place.

The compression seals and brushes around the edge of external sliding doors are a really important factor in keeping draughts, smells, rain, damp, and smoke outside the dwelling or office.

External Sliding Door Hardware

With the well proven Tommaslide hardware you can relax that this is in hand with excellent seals and brushes coming as standard.

The Correct Weight Rating

As mentioned above, it is important to look ahead when purchasing the hardware and a factor in this is the weight of the doors you need to hang.

We offer a broad range with specifications that can handle upto 2 tonnes in weight per door.

Ease of Installation

This is important, ask your tradesmen – have they fitted these before? Use our video guide on the ease of install and adjusting to assist in making the perfect install quickly and easily.

Maintenance & Cleaning Factors

Is the external sliding door track kit designed with future cleaning of runners, door frames, and glass in mind? Is there a chance children could trip, or could the guide channels become embarrassingly dirty?

Sliding Door Hardware

Door Security

Keep in mind that forced entry may be attempted at the property – many of our systems like Tommafold are ‘Secured by Design Accredited‘ to give extra security and peace of mind.

Is A Sliding Door The Best Option For You?

While sliding doors are immensely popular, for example, as patio doors on many houses, it could be that the space, setting, and desires of the client are best met with a folding door hardware kit that gives you almost a full width opening. Why not check out our YouTube channel?

If you are unsure or would like to discuss the merits of external folding or sliding door hardware, then please do give us a call on 01280 428055